Saturday, February 14, 2015

Obviously it's Carnival and everyone is busy doing that

Menckles gave me a new camera for my birthday last year and I've been giving it a workout this parade season.  I'm going to try and share some of my favorites along with some parading notes here in the coming days. But right now we're kind of in the thick of things so we'll leave it alone until we're all snowed in or whatever on Monday.

Meanwhile here is that one float in Krewe D'Etat everybody got a kick out of.

Night of the Living Hipsters

Jack Dempsey's Kale



Poor Boy

Ikea  coming soon


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Nolaresident said...

Awww...no tribute to Gene's Po-Boys? I'm sure they'll have something next year as it will be the temporary terminus for the soon-to-be popular Rampart/St. Claude streetcar.