Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thanks, LaSalle Parish

You guys were the only Parish in the state where a majority of voters agreed with Orleans Parish voters that the candidate who wins the most votes for an office should get to serve in that office regardless of age.  It's why we have elections in the first place.  A majority of voters in the rest of the state, though, don't really like democracy as much as we do, I guess.

Maybe that's because the arbitrary limit on democracy in question doesn't directly conflict with an election result where they live right now.
New Orleans voters gave the longest-serving judge in Louisiana the boost he needed late Tuesday, lifting Criminal District Court Judge Frank Marullo to a slim, 500-vote majority over a pair of challengers.

But statewide voters might have trumped that decision by handily rejecting a proposed constitutional amendment to erase a mandatory retirement age for state judges.

The 58 percent statewide vote leaves Marullo, 74, girding for another legal donnybrook after successfully fending off a challenge to his candidacy just two months ago.

This time he’ll be fighting for his right to add another six years to his four decades wearing a black robe. Any decision ultimately will be up to the Louisiana Supreme Court, the only body that can remove a judge from the bench.

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