Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's all about ethics in journalism

Turns out Gamergate was actually Uber the whole time.
A senior executive at Uber suggested recently that his company fight back against the press by hiring a team tasked with digging up dirt on critical journalists and spreading information about their personal lives, according to a Buzzfeed report published Monday.
Here's the thing, though.  For some time now, it has been clear to anyone who cares that the new temp economy of which Uber is a significant part is a scam designed to exploit an increasingly desperate workforce in order to enrich a few tech bros. 

 Despite the overwhelming obviousness of this, the general feeling among journalists has been basically pro-Uber.  Josh Marshall even introduces the above TPM story this way.
Lots of my friends can't live without Uber. But more and more evidence that it's a wildly sleazy operation at the highest levels.
But even that is absurdly myopic.  The problem isn't just that these Uber guys are sleazy (they are).  The problem is that the entire "sharing economy" is sleazy.  You'd think a herd of people whose own profession is being chipped apart into a constant hustle of freelance piecework would recognize the problem here. 

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