Monday, November 03, 2014

Seems legit

Civil Service Commission had a meeting.  Nobody knows what happened at it, though

The agenda for the meeting said only that the board would meet in private to discuss that lawsuit, an exception allowed by the state’s Open Meetings Law. But when the public portion of the meeting reconvened, members added the two changes to the agenda without explanation. Such late additions are allowed under state sunshine laws, but public bodies are expected to explain why late additions were necessary and unanticipated.

Typically, the commission takes comments for 30 days before making changes to the city’s hiring policies. On Monday, the process took less than 30 minutes.

Commissioners declined to respond to repeated requests from members of the public, made during the public-comment portion of the meeting before the vote.

The speed with which the vote was taken raises questions as to whether commissioners or employees in Mitch Landrieu’s administration were privy to the changes. Cherrell Simms, a lawyer in the City Attorney’s Office, signaled that the administration approved of the rule changes, even though she and other members of the public had only a few minutes to read them before the vote.

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