Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Now it can be told

A few weeks ago, this Bobby Jindal fact had some people scratching their heads. 
Politicians mulling presidential candidacies have made dieting something of a signal that they’re serious about running, but not all potential candidates are struggling to shed weight. According to a source close to Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, the governor has gained 13 pounds over the past few months. At 5′10″, Jindal has always looked slight; this is the first indication that, with the 2016 election on the horizon, he is looking to beef up.  
Even people who already understood how weird Jindal is thought this was kind of strange.  But this was because we thought he was serious about wanting to be President in 2016 and.. I mean.. come on.

But it turns out, Jindal's actually been preparing for a different role.
Gov. Bobby Jindal will be in at least one scene of a movie about human trafficking starring Kevin Sorbo, an actor best know for playing Hercules in the television show of the same name, according to the governor's office.

In addition to acting, Sorbo is an outspoken Christian and conservative who frequently criticizes President Barack Obama. His anti-human trafficking movie, called "Caged", is currently being filmed in Baton Rouge. The governor's staff said they couldn't disclose much about Jindal's cameo on screen because of a confidentiality agreement.
The confidential plot is probably Bobby Jindal and Hercules go blasting into Grand Isle to free some Filipino laborers. I mean, sure, I'd watch that. But only if Bobby bulks up a little first.

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mominem said...

Your forgot Kevin Sorbo as Captain Dylan Hunt in Andromeda.