Sunday, January 20, 2013

The market for king cake vodka

A little more than a week ago we reported on the crucially important matter of the wide variance in prices for competing brands of king cake flavored vodka. At the time, the Lucky Player king cake flavored vodka was running at a full thirteen dollars more than the Taaka king cake flavored vodka.

The market for king cake vodka
January 12, 2013: Make yourself ill for either $5.99 or $28.99

This afternoon we noticed the prices have moved already.  Taaka is up sixty cents while Lucky Player has crashed a full four bucks.

Shift in the vodka market

Taaka's entry into the market has forced the price of Lucky Player below even last year's price of $26.99 when supplies were so tight that Rouses was imposing rations.

King Cake Vodka is precious like gold

What is the equilibrium price of king cake flavored vodka?  Probably somewhere between a head and stomachache.


menckles said...

Does either one come with Alka-Seltzer, or is that sold separately?

jeffreyskooks said...

Taaka $6.59 - $5.99 = 60 cents. LP $28.99 - $24.00 = $4.00

What did I get wrong?