Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where's my Serpas signal?

It's a busy and festive time  in New Orleans but I've yet to see the first indication that there will be any DUI checkpoints this weekend. You'd think that since NOPD is taking extraordinary measures to protect all the important visitors in town (as opposed to just us regular folk who live here) Chief Serpas would be ready and willing to deploy his most favored law enforcement tool in order to guarantee their safety from  the "greatest threat to a law-abiding citizen's life."

Maybe he just doesn't care about these people the way he cares about the rest of us.  Kind of warms my heart.

Update: In a related matter, the presence of federal law enforcement downtown has uncovered something

Federal authorities say they uncovered a sex trafficking ring in the French Quarter in recent days, rescuing five women and arresting eight men.

The women were forced to come here to work as prostitutes for pimps, authorities said.

Agents with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been heavily targeting human trafficking and counterfeit goods with the influx of tourists here for this weekend’s Super Bowl

Obviously they knew Goodell and his executives were coming to town.

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