Wednesday, January 30, 2013

King Cakes (Non Vodka Edition)

This New York Times feature on King Cakes (and other local confections) is pretty good though not perfect. Kevin Allman picks out the most annoying bit in this post.

I'll add one nitpicky thing. I realize this is an impossible task but the article could have included a few more of the popular "traditional" bakeries in there.  And then there are the grocery store cakes which are ignored altogether although I'd guess they probably account for at least half of all the king cakes consumed in a season.

Just today I noticed these in Rouses decorated with the Super Bowl teams' colors.

Super Bowl King Cakes

We bought the Ravens cake, by the way. Because, of course we did.

See alsoThis NOLA Defender article from a few weeks back about how weird it's getting out there. King Cakes are kind of becoming the new novelty food dare around town as bakers compete to see who can come up with the weirdest thing; like competing booths at a county fair trying to see what they can deep-fry next.  (And yes the NYT article does note that there is such a thing as a "deep fried king cake")

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Superdeformed said...

They needed to cover Larry Ragusa's King Cakes.