Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You're welcome

Usually have to oil your car every 3,000 miles anyway, right?.

Dozens of St. Bernard Parish residents woke up on Sunday morning to crude oil splattered on their vehicles from the ExxonMobile Chalmette Refinery, according to several homeowners who live near the refinery on St. Bernard Highway. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality confirmed Tuesday that the department estimates that the Chalmette Refinery had a 36-barrel spill.

“Sunday morning, it was just completely covered, completely in oil,” said Steve Stewart, who lives at 2121 Montesquieu Street in Chalmette, just a couple blocks from the refinery. “I took it to the car wash, which was packed, more people there than I’d ever seen.

“All of them had oiled cars.”

Unfortunately the car wash was already out of Corexit. Residents are reminded they may be able to manifest a school of  "magic microbes" to eat the oil off of their cars provided they clap loudly enough.

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