Friday, January 18, 2013

Truths and cycles

Street signs

I took that picture under the Claiborne Avenue overpass on MLK Day Weekend 2006.  It's one of a set I took that day following an "All Star Second Line" march through parts of Treme and downtown. The city at the time was barely getting itself restarted only a few months after the Federal Flood. A lot of people showed up for this march.  Every moment and image that day felt especially poignant. Solemn, even.  For me, it  felt like the true beginning of a new year and a new, uncertain time in our city.

One day later, Ray Nagin delivered his infamous "Chocolate City" speech.  Two days later Sean Payton became the 14th head coach of the New Orleans Saints.  Seven years later, on  another MLK weekend, Ray Nagin has been indicted and Sean Payton is about to become head coach of the Saints once again.

What does it all mean?  Don't know. Not much, probably. 

Update: Maybe could have gone with this song instead. Similar "cycles" lyric. More local  references.


swampwoman said...

Dennis Persica wrote an opinion piece in the Advocate yesterday on happenings that are marked closely in time - http://theadvocate.com/news/neworleans/4927638-148/dennis-persica-column-for-jan

Anonymous said...

Have long thought that GBV sounds a lot like Testaverde would sound if only Joe ever succumbs or capitulates to blatantly letting us know he cares about us.