Thursday, September 23, 2004

Yup, it's the public

So it turns out that the guy using the phone claims to be trying to get the VA to give him his medication and is receiving "the runaround." According to this gentleman, he was struck in the head with a two by four whilst performing his duties in the service of his country which must have been a good forty plus years ago by the looks of him. Apparently, the evildoers on the other end of the phone are trying to force him to drive unnecessarily to Baton Rouge for his "head medicine." They are not going to win this battle, so he tells me, because he is "this close" to calling Bill Clinton. Also he has occupied the surface of a library table with paperwork which he believes will prove "more powerful than the atom bomb" once he releases it to "the media." Perhaps I can convince him to let me post it here on Lib Chron. It would be my first journalistic coup.

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