Thursday, September 09, 2004

Question of the Day

By now, I'm sure you all know that the records show that the President of the United States, while serving in the National Guard, disobeyed a direct order and refused to show up for a physical examination. This, itself is a violation of the law, but beyond that, more journalists need to start asking why he would do this.
Josh Marshall:
And here we get down to a specific and perhaps touchy point. Why wouldn't Bush show up for that physical? An Air Force pilot's physical is a bigger deal than the one civilians get on a routine basis. But still, it's not that big a deal. Even if he didn't think it was necessary, why disobey a direct order to get around it?

And on this point let me make a more general suggestion. The White House's story has changed many, many times on the Guard matter. And they've been careful -- and wisely so -- to avoid make definitive statements that would limit their room for maneuver after future revelations.
More to come, perhaps? Should we ask Kitty Kelley?

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