Saturday, September 04, 2004

Tracking Tigers vs Chasing Shadows

I submitted the following letter to the T-P this morning. Perhaps it is too cute?

There's nothing like a beautiful early New Orleans Saturday morning jog along St. Charles Avenue, listening to NPR on the radio headphones, to open the mind to metaphor and musings.

Today's excursion featured a brief interview with Fort Polk's commandant regarding the ongoing and week-long hunt for a very elusive Bengal tiger. The old saying, "a Bengal tiger sees you a hundred times before you see it," was offered to
illuminate the difficulty of tracking and subduing the wily beast. What a scenario: a lone predator stalking and being stalked - for a while now - in the heart of a full army complement and encampment. From somewhere comes the irresistible name Osama Ben(gal) Tiger.

Importantly, there are obvious and, apparently for some, not so obvious differences.

Both are indicated by noting that this search is dedicated to a capture, not a kill; but it will doubtless succeed without injury to the innocent, because at least it is honestly aimed at the real predator, and not some unrelated maneuver for other purposes in a nearby state.

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