Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Are we supposed to be impressed

That the supposedly independent television networks have boldly refused to have their use of camera angles dictated by the Commission on Presidential Debates? Forgive me if I don't dance naked in the street. (It is only Wednesday after all) The fact remains that the debates have been rendered as inane and pointless as the conventions, the media coverage, the campaign itself for that matter. Do not expect any substantive confrontation, any competition of ideas, anything resembling an argument or a "debate", if you will. The rules won't allow it. Instead what you will see amounts to little more than a jointly produced campaign commercial for both candidates after which each will be declared "the winner" by his respective spin machine. It's all part of the bread and circus package which has replaced your democratic process. And, yes, I will watch. But only so I can play the drinking game.

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