Thursday, September 23, 2004

At the Ghetto Branch Today

Our library system regularly pulls staff from the larger branches to cover for the smaller branches on days when they are short. Because I work at a large regional branch, and because I don't complain much, I quite often find myself shipped to various parts of town for the day. I rarely mind this unless I'm busy with a big project or something. The branch I am subbing at today is pretty small and quiet until the after school crowd hits so the morning was pleasant. Also I am closer to the heart of the city so I got to spend my lunch hour milling about in the French Quarter which is refreshingly fun when one is sober. Right now, I'd like to call Consuela and find out if she wants something fun for dinner tonight but there is a patron here who has been monopolizing the one telephone in the building for forty five minutes. At least I get a short reprieve from this sort of thing.

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