Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Back in NO

So at 7:00 this morning, we almost panicked. Or.. we did panic and then got over it. Dad and his parents and my brother and a cat a dog and a parrot named Miracle loaded into three cars and took off for higher ground. The objective was my Mom's house in Nashville, TN and its promise of free lodging so, unlike the rest of the metro area, we headed east toward Slidell and then north on I-59. There was NO PROBLEM getting out of the city at this time. Unlike the thousands of poor souls on I-10 West who are at this moment still stuck near Baton Rouge, we were able to get as far as Hattiesburg, MS before the 10:00 AM advisory convinced us it was safe to come back home. I'm at Dad's house right now and I have an hour to get back to my place before the 2:00 PM curfew. More to come.

Meanwhile: It's finally happened! The Saints really did move to San Antonio!

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