Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Good God, Not Again!

Poor Florida can't catch a break, it would seem. Someday, some intolerable hack historian will make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling some drivel he has produced about the Presidential Election Debacle of 2004 which not only precipitated the demise of the republic but also hinged on a second consecutive spectacular mess/fraud in Florida. Our historian will waste an entire chapter or two setting the stage for his epic and lucrative tale by droning on about the eerily portentous series of angry hurricanes which struck the state just months before the cataclysmic election. And I will set my copy of this work on my nightstand and think back wistfully upon these long lost salad days regretting only that Hurricane Ivan did not turn westward and mercifully submerge the fair city of New Orleans and its blessed inhabitants who would then never have lived to face the horror of this author's trite bullshit.

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