Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Welp, Leon is running

There had been speculation that Cannizzaro might be ready to hang it up in 2020.  But this sure sounds like campaign rhetoric to me.  The worst kind too.
In 2015, Cannizzaro signed onto a grant application for a study aimed at reducing the jail population. But he turned into a critic of the project after the District Attorney’s Office was cut out of the grant award.

“When I see public safety being imperiled by ill-conceived policy decisions and social experiments, I … tend to speak my mind,” said Cannizzaro, New Orleans’ top prosecutor since 2008. “The silent majority of New Orleans residents who are concerned about their safety can no longer wait to speak up. We need caring citizens, we need business leaders, we need influential donors and we especially need voters to start raising your voices in defense of rational policy decisions, public safety and common sense.”
It's been clear for a while that Leaon has a nose for money since his philosophy is changeable in accordance with whether or not anybody is giving him some.  But at least now that he is into this quasi-fascistic fear baiting appeal to a "silent majority"routine,  he does us the favor of coming right out and saying he wants the attention of  some "business leaders" and "influential donors." 

In any case, this all means he's either running for reelection or there is some other behind the scenes funding squabble we aren't privy to at the moment.

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