Tuesday, February 05, 2019

It can always be worse

Never forget that
The tools used to measure relative sea level rise in low-lying coastal areas, including coastal Louisiana, are only telling half of the story, according to a Tulane University study published in Ocean Science. Researchers say sea level rise estimates don’t account for the primary contributor to higher water levels: sinking marsh.
Not that "sooner rather than later" is a radically new assumption for us.  But every time we get a newer and more urgent warning bell, it's instructive to look around and see the response is always the same.  Some concern expressed. Some "resilience" pilot projects floated.  One or two depressing stories about  how poorly things are going for "climate refugees."  And that's from the side that actually acknowledges the problem in the first place.

Anyway, the only policy response that is possible from the only kind of politics we know how to do will be about making sure the costs of the disaster are borne by the most vulnerable while the "oppotunities" it presents continue to benefit those who brought it about in the first place.

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