Saturday, February 09, 2019

Just put it on the credit card

Jeff Landry should know how that works by now.  He spent enough time last year investigating the way LaToya used hers and couldn't find anything worth prosecuting.  Seems like this should be a pretty simple transaction in light of all that.
A dispute between Attorney General Jeff Landry and a former campaign worker is heating up, with the two tussling in court over what the operative claims is an unpaid debt of between $175,000 and $250,000 from Landry’s 2015 campaign.

The jilted campaign worker, Dwayne Alexander, is a prodigious filer of lawsuits. He has also gotten into past trouble for working as a private investigator without a required license.
Ha ha "prodigious filer of lawsuits.  Technically, it's Landry suing Alexander this time around just to try and get him to back off.   Anyway what Landry tried to buy from Alexander, apparently, were black votes in Orleans Parish because, Landry reasoned, that is what one does.  Landry also must have figured he was being very smart about it.  He shopped around for the right "broker." Alexander was the low bid.
The campaign first got in touch with former state Rep. Sherman Copelin for similar services, but Copelin’s price was too high, according to an affidavit filed by Harvey. Copelin said in a phone interview that he didn’t remember whether such a meeting had occurred.
The Harvey referred to there is Bob Harvey, by the way.  He's here along with Copelin and Bob D'Hemecourt, and Shane Guidry because of course all of them would be in a story like this.... in 1990! Bands are getting back together for this one.  But that's all very fitting since we're also talking about trading favors for favors. 
Alexander makes another eye-popping claim – that Landry’s lawyer, Stephen Oats of Lafayette, suggested he might be able to satisfy Alexander’s debt with public money instead of campaign cash, by expediting a $300,000 legal judgment Alexander is owed by the state in an unrelated matter.
Again, this could probably all be solved with a credit card. But Landry wants to be all hard headed about it.  

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