Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The Trump Show

I stopped actively watching the daily pageant a long time ago. What does it matter that he says any particularly outrageous thing or another at a rally or an orb touching or a  not-really-a-summit or a press opportunity or any of these stage managed non-events.  It's just a TV show.  There is nothing to be learned from any of it.

They even un-shutdown the government for a few weeks so he could get this one in.  But it's just more of the same. They're gonna applaud. He's gonna say some words. The cold open of SNL will be something about Nancy Pelosi making faces from behind him or something. Stacey Abrams will respond. Bernie Sanders will do the most atrocious sexism/racism in history by commenting after she is finished. None of it will advance anything in any direction.  Then the shutdown can resume.  On to 2020.. etc. etc.

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