Saturday, April 22, 2017

Man vs Nature vs Lunch

There is a breaking wildlife emergency at City Park.
New Orleans City Park Police worked by boat and from shore Saturday morning (April 22) to remove a husky, 5-foot alligator from a lagoon just outside the New Orleans Museum of Art.

City Park Policeman Greg Joerger said when the agency encounters alligators roaming the park or swimming in the lagoon, they try to relocate the reptiles because of how populated the area is, especially around the springtime.

Joerger said small children often congregate near the lagoon, and park patrons don't realize the small water body is sometimes home to alligators.

"People go there thinking it's just turtles and fish, and it's not," Joerger said. "That's lake water."
"Husky"? Good looking out there and not fat shaming the gator, y'all.  Stay woke.

It's the time of year when nature attacks from all angles. Must have something to do with Earth Day. There are huge black crows nesting on our street right now. They are extremely territorial and given to swoop down at perceived intruders. The caterpillar activity is reaching a critical mass. This morning two of them tried to knock me off my bike. And now the gators, who we should have known were up to something, frankly, are making their move.

Well the standard procedure in this monster movie scenario is we convene a panel of scientists who can figure out how to... oh wait... they're busy today.

Meanwhile, the situation continues to deteriorate.

God bless our first responders. They are bravely enduring quite a taunting at the moment.
"Right now he's showing off," Joerger on Saturday said of the elusive gator. "He's hungry."

Just before 12:30 p.m., Joerger said, City Park police abandoned a previous strategy involving a kayak and were working to get a bigger boat.

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