Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Ghost of War On Christmas Future Past

The most disturbing thing about Jeff Landry is his lack of imagination. Investing big money in last year's trend is the surest way to fail in the fashion world. How does he not know this?
If his trademark is approved (the one and only trademark for which his firm has ever sought), the Attorney General of Louisiana could make a private fortune selling cheap clothes with a slogan he shamelessly appropriated from the current President of the United States, profiting from a sacred religious holiday that many Christians believe to be under attack by people who, like Landry, denigrate their faith by marginalizing the life of Jesus Christ like it’s merely a consumer product.
See also, Lamar's previous post about how Landry also stole his model for graft from everything he blasted his opponent for doing during the last election. 

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