Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Keep tweaking that CAT

We said at the beginning that the CAT looked like a way for the Governor to try and lure the Republicans into doing some horse trading instead of just saying "No" to everything. It hasn't been easy, of course, but maybe there's still some time.
Edwards has been willing to entertain amendments to his proposal, especially if it increases his chances of getting it voted out of the conservative House Ways and Means committee.

The amendments to the commercial activity tax -- contained in House Bill 563 -- include one that would make manufacturing corporations pay more than under the current proposal. Another alteration that would allow "pass through" entities -- such as limited liability companies and partnerships as well as some trusts and estates -- pay less. The governor's team backed the manufacturing change and has been willing to go along with the alteration for "pass through" entities to make the legislation more appealing.
Honestly, though, the rest of that doesn't read like there's much cause for optimism. 

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