Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ok but what about Swamp Molly?

Billy Nungesser has some things to say in the interest of putting the record straight.
Regarding the Pontalba apartments, I, like my recent predecessors, have used the apartment for public uses associated with the mission of the Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism. This includes hosting legislators, visiting guests of the state, other state officials, and any museum-related purpose requested by the state museum board. Chester stayed rent free for several weeks while looking for a permanent residence. On my watch, I have ensured that the residential and commercial spaces were leased in accordance with state law. As an elected official, I am ultimately responsible to the public, and to ensure the apartment was being used for appropriate purposes, made some internal management changes regarding the apartment.

The most often cited and inaccurate accusation is that I was going to sell museum art and artifacts on eBay. Legally, I can’t and I wouldn’t. Any sale, transfer, or deaccession of art or artifacts in the museum collection must be approved by the board per its bylaws and in state law.
Okay but that is NOT what he told us last week when we called him. (about 10 or 15 minutes into the first segment)

Also Billy doesn't have anything to say in his column about the monuments solution we offered him.  He sounded pretty enthusiastic on the phone. 

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