Thursday, November 10, 2016

Everybody hates John Neely Kennedy

Maness and Boustany were asked if they might endorse the David Vitter backed Republican in the runoff. It made them tired to even have to think about it.
Kennedy also called Maness and was “very courteous,” said Maness’ spokesman, John Mathis. Mathis added that Maness is not issuing an endorsement as he focuses on getting a position with the Trump administration.

Reached Wednesday, Boustany begged off on answering whether he would endorse Kennedy, saying, “I’m pretty exhausted today.”

Fleming did not return a phone call, but Kennedy said he called him, too. In all, Kennedy plans to call 21 of the 22 other candidates, with only Duke on his personal do-not-call list.
Oh wait. Not everybody is grossed out by Kennedy. Turns out Caroline Fayard is so friendly she might not even endorse the only Democrat remaining. 
On Wednesday, asked whether she would endorse Campbell, Fayard said, “We will see.” She noted that Campbell had not called her to discuss the campaign and her possible support.

Fayard said Kennedy did call Tuesday night, leaving her “a nice and gracious voicemail message."

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