Saturday, November 05, 2016

Time to draw the line

The Revenge On 2016 Tour is well on its way. There is no stopping this train.  The universe owes us a staggering debt this year and we mean to collect.  In fact, we've already begun.

First we got together in the Superdome to drink the Seahawk tears.

Then we got to see the Greatest World Series Of All Time come to its happy end.

There's more to come, though. We've got a whole hit list to punch through culminating in Trump's staggering humiliation on Election Day.  God grant us the sta-mi-nah.

Next up, Bama.
This is Fournette’s week. It’s his game. It’s his last shot, more than likely, to achieve a goal that the NFL draft-eligible junior made three years ago. It’s his final crack at big, bad Bama and coach Nick Saban, whom Fournette knows well from his days as a sought-after recruit.

It’s a chance at revenge for the worst outing of his college career last November in Tuscaloosa.

“I just think he’s going to play angry this game,” left tackle K.J. Malone said. “He played angry against Ole Miss and you saw what he did, but I think he’s got more fire this week, and I love it. People doubted him after the (Alabama) game last year, but I know he’s one of the best players in the country, and I really think he’s going to prove it this week.”

The fire this week is there. Interim coach Ed Orgeron earlier this week called him the “most motivated guy on the team.”

“His want-to to have success against Alabama,” Orgeron said, channeling the man he replaced, “is as high of a player as I’ve seen.”

Fournette and safety Jamal Adams gave an impassioned, fiery speech to the team after practice Wednesday, Orgeron said. Earlier in the day, Fournette tweeted, “Remember they told me that we will fail.....”

Fournette did not speak to reporters this week or last week. His meetings with local media have been limited since last year's loss to the Tide.

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