Sunday, November 06, 2016

Don't throw Bebe out with the bathwater just yet

Ok so he didn't beat Alabama. But I don't think that result should be seen as a dealbreaker for Ed Orgeron in his bid to keep the LSU job.  Let's wait and see how the team responds to the tough loss before we decide on that.

Besides, Orgeron's team played a hell of a game last night. They were clearly up for it. They played hard. And mostly, they played smart. Two wasted timeouts were the glaring exception to that but otherwise the team didn't make the kind of mistakes that indicate they weren't prepared. They played toe to toe with the top ranked team in the country.  The game broke on one Alabama drive extended by a questionable late hit call and which culminated in a touchdown run aided by several uncalled instances of holding. That's tough. But the point is they showed up.

The question that affects Orgeron now is can he get them to show up again.  Getting the team focused after a loss like that to face a daunting series of opponents is arguably a truer test of the coach's mettle anyway.  Let's keep watching. 

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