Saturday, November 26, 2016

Not quite where we want to go with this yet

They've tweaked the STR rules a bit just a few days ahead of Thursday's vote. 
Copies of the latest amendments to the plans were not available this week, but Deputy Mayor Ryan Berni — who has been Landrieu’s point man on the issue — said the changes are aimed at ensuring the city can keep tabs on short-term rentals.

Under the proposed rules, short-term rental companies would have to provide the city with monthly reports on how often users are renting their New Orleans properties.

That’s three times as frequently as the quarterly reports the companies had been expected to provide under agreements that previously had been under discussion. Critics of short-term rentals warned that requiring reports only every three months could allow scofflaws to operate for months without being detected.

The new rules also would let the city subpoena information on those believed to be in violation of the rules.

This is not necessarily bad. People have been asking for stricter data sharing requirements.  But it's still not quite what we need the rules to do. The best change that could still be written into the ordinance would be a restriction of one STR per homestead exemption along the lines of the amendment Susan Guidry offered previously. If you're going to City Council next week, or if you're speaking with your council person, this is what you really want to ask for.

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