Wednesday, November 30, 2016

One more shot to get STRs under control

Council is voting on this tomorrow.
The ordinance still has to come up for another key vote of approval on Dec. 1. The current recommendations are frightening — deeming that every house, apartment, condo and commercial building in the city, except the French Quarter, can become a STR — with no limits on density.

The council disregarded the public outcry over the proliferation of STRs. Citizens from neighborhoods throughout the city felt betrayed. There were cries of dismay when Councilwoman Susan Guidry’s amendment requiring a homestead exemption to operate an STR was narrowly voted down. We are puzzled by the council’s decision to press forward, tipping the scales in favor of the billion-dollar platforms that enable STRs.
There's still a chance to (sort of) tip the scales back (somewhat) toward residents tomorrow. Will councilmembers have the courage to even try?

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