Tuesday, September 20, 2016

They get it from their racist parents

Atrios on "The Kids Today" who are still racist
We like to think our society is in general getting a bit less racist. I think that's probably true, and that it's probably true that The Kids Today are a bit less racist than my generation was (when I was a kid explicitly racist jokes were really not taboo, though by the time I hit college they probably were). Still there's plenty of racism, and The Kids Today have plenty of racists, too. I'm not talking about the kids being idiots stuff, like halloween blackface*, I'm talking about real solid racism. I know where all the racism came from when I was a kid. It was, you know, normal. I'm not quite sure where they get it from today.
That's easy, though.  They get it from the racist parents who raised them to also be racists in a still very racist environment. I think cosmetically, we present as slightly less racist today than say 30 years ago. But that's only the result of a lot of hard work and political pressure brought to bear on institutions. (And it's real progress. Don't get me wrong. I'm just saying it shouldn't be taken as evidence that we've defeated racism by any stretch.)

Anyway, the kids are still quite racist.  And it's because, contrary to popular belief, millennials didn't suddenly arrive from Mars one day.  They were raised here. By people like us.

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