Thursday, September 22, 2016


Tyler Bridges wrote up Charles Boustany's connection to Ethan Brown's book for the Washington Post. In the part where Bridges interviews the DA, they hit upon what ought to be the new town motto for Jennings.
If you don’t get involved in illegal narcotics, Jennings is a wonderful place to raise a family,” said District Attorney Michael Cassidy, as he dug into a lunch of fried catfish and boudin, a local sausage served in a natural ­casing. “The ones living that ­high-risk lifestyle, their friends and family did not realize they were in danger.”
Also, in an earlier version of the story, boudin was described as being served in a "plastic" rather than "natural" casing. Wa-Po doesn't note the correction for some reason.  Nor do they address the question of whether you can put quinoa in it. 

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