Thursday, September 29, 2016

Looks like Joe Alleva wants to call the plays

Thanks for the advice, buddy.
As for offensive change, Alleva understands that LSU might run similar or the same plays on Saturday against Missouri, but playcalling is what he's watching. University leaders fired Miles, along with offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, on Sunday. Steve Ensminger, previously the tight ends coach, is the interim offensive coordinator.

"Steve Ensminger will use a lot of the same plays, but plays are when you call them," Alleva said. "If you call play-action pass on first down, maybe it has a chance to succeed. Third-and-1 and you call play-action pass, it has a chance to succeed."
Football is pretty simple, really. We sure to pay these guys a lot of money to sit around and hit the "Ask Madden" button.

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