Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The "ethics" of insulting The Club

How dare you, sir!
There’s another issue that Forman has not addressed over the last 10 months. His son Dan was on the Library Foundation board with Mayfield and Markham when they changed the charity’s mission and began sending six times as much money to the Jazz Orchestra as it granted to the city’s library system. Ron Forman bristled when asked if he was concerned with how that looked.

You’re going into an area where I’m questioning your values and ethics in what you’re asking,” he said. "There’s no conflict in any of those areas and I have no problem at all in what role my son serves as a volunteer, the role I serve as a volunteer. None of us gets paid a penny.”

State records show Dan Forman signed the official Library Foundation resolution changing its articles of incorporation to expand its mission beyond just supporting public libraries. The younger Forman told WWL-TV last year that Mayfield told him the resolution was about adding more members to the foundation board. He also said he didn’t remember voting as a board to pay the Jazz Orchestra “that amount.”
The ethics-fu is strong at The Club. Who are we, without membership, to question the mysteries of their ways?

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