Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Clearly this means Sean Patyon's days here are numbered.
BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Sean Payton thought he lost the physical copy of his new five-year deal with the New Orleans Saints on Wednesday morning. Maybe that's why he ran nearly 30 minutes late to his media obligation at the NFL owners meetings.

Another 30 minutes passed with Payton answering various questions about players, philosophies, etc. Then he looked down at his briefcase carrying his new deal through the 2020 season, worth in excess of $45 million via ESPN, and realized it sat snug and secure in his satchel.

"'Man, did I bring it with me or did I leave in the hotel somewhere?' Then I started getting nervous," Payton said.

He's agreed on a deal and will soon put ink to paper. It officially ends any discussion of Payton's future with the Saints.

What he said Wednesday seemed worth the wait. He's not going anywhere. Not for a while.
OR it means he'll be fired by December.  Always seems to work that way.  Cop is a few weeks from retirement and then BAM he's fired on his way to a third straight losing season. 

Update: Hmmm maybe Payton signed that contract one mental competency appeal too soon.

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