Monday, March 21, 2016

Seven years

St. Joseph's Night

Menckles and I are celebrating 7 years today. Okay, actually we celebrated Saturday night but that's a normal thing for people marking events that happen to fall on Mondays.  We also sort of technically consider this our tenth year since it was May 2006 when we got her to (for whatever reason) move all the way down here.  Maybe we'll have to have another party in a month or so.

Anyway, Saturday was pretty special.  You'll be happy to know that Cafe Degas is still pretty good. We checked on that for you.  We took a drive-by look at the China Lights in City Park. When we got home we went out for a walk around the neighborhood.  It was nice of all these Mardi Gras Indians to show up.

St. Joseph's Night

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