Monday, March 28, 2016

Fly swatted

From the looks of things the swells won't be using The Fly to pass money to each other after all.
According to a report by WWL-TV, the controversial project that would have built a soccer stadium at the Uptown 'Fly' near Audubon Park is dead for now, according to one of the project's main supporters.

John Payne, who designed the project, told WWL that the complex was “just too divisive an issue.”

Payne will return more than $4 million in donations to the project’s supporters, which include Drew Brees and Tom Benson, WWL reported.
This is the second public reversal for Ron Forman in recent years. His scheme to boost property taxes supporting his very profitable "nonprofit" zookeeping empire was shot down by voters in 2014. He's still got millions of dollars and all the powerful friends a guy could want, though, so don't feel too bad. 

Also, the Club of Oligarchs will be back sooner or later with another, probably worse, idea.  They usually get what they want. Thus, the entitled fits they throw on the rare occasions when they do not.

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