Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Can't sell it, can't redevelop it, can't give it away. The Industrial Development Board is still stuck with this decrepit old amusement park. They literally cannot pay someone to take it off their hands for them.
The IBD has $469,000 saved up from movie productions renting the park. If the city agrees to manage the property, the IDB would pay half of that money to the city, he said. If the city agreed to own the property, the IDB would give the city 75 percent of the money.

Board member David Thompson said the IDB agreed to help the city out in the wake of Katrina by taking on the property, "then we got left in the lurch."

"It's time," Philipson said. "We do not have the staff to deal with it."

The IDB operates independently of the city. Its members are nominated by each City Council member and the mayor's office. Appointments are voted on by the City Council.

Conwell said the city and the New Orleans Business Alliance continue to market the site to potential big-box retailers.

"It's in everyone's interest to sell the property and get it back into commerce," she said.
Landrieu's office issued a statement after the meeting: "At this time, the City does not have the resources to assume responsibility for this property from the IDB. We encourage the IDB to reconsider its approach towards the stewardship of the former Six Flags property.

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