Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How now, Brown's Cow

Brown's cow

So this came out of the blue.
NEW ORLEANS (WWL-TV) -- After 100 years in Central City, Brown’s Dairy will close its milk processing plant on Baronne Street, resulting in the loss of 185 jobs as the dairy relocates its local operations to Hammond.

The dairy, which was founded in New Orleans in 1904 and known for many years as Brown’s Velvet, is now owned by Dean Foods, based in Dallas.

A spokesman for Dean Foods on Tuesday confirmed that the Baronne Street milk processing facility will close.
The plant closure also practically closes the book on the long deindustrialization of Uptown New Orleans save for the heavily mechanized port facility. The kinds of operations which once supported a large working class no longer exist there.

It also opens up a large pacel of land to redevelopment.  The only question now is which oligarch sweeps in with a bid for "The Churn Lofts at Brown’s Dairy" condo/poshtel project first.

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