Wednesday, March 02, 2016

How's A.G. Crowe's floating port scam coming along?

Still raising money.
In August, the port's backers said they had $25 million in private financing to build the first terminal to handle bulk goods such as grains and coal. The group is applying for permits.

But the dream is much bigger. Backers envision $10 billion worth of terminals to handle everything from oil to cargo containers. And Louisiana's government has set aside about 2,000 acres of open water for the development of this Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal.
When we last saw this thing, Crowe said he was giving up trying to leverage it into an EB-5 visa scam. Today's story doesn't say if he's hit upon a new scheme yet. But if they aren't actually going to build anything, it doesn't matter whether or not they meet the nominal fundraising goal. 

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