Friday, January 16, 2015


After eight years of Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign posturing governance, Louisiana's poorest residents bear the highest tax burden.
(State Rep. Patricia Smith) blames the state’s tax system. She says Louisiana’s tax system is riddled with credits and deductions that have been skewed toward businesses and bosses at the expense of workers.

Opinions vary widely on what makes taxes fair, Smith said. She reminded that state voters supported a plan that eliminated some of the sales tax burden on lower-income people and balanced those losses by increasing income taxes on wealthier Louisiana residents. But relentless criticism of what was called the “Stelly Plan” led to rollbacks of the income tax portion in 2007 and 2008.
You might remember that, even after the Stelly repeal, Jindal came back a few years later and proposed making matters even worse although not even the Louisiana Legislature was dumb enough to go for that.

Anyway, whatever your politics, we can all agree that Jindal's policies have put the state's fiscal house in order and certainly qualified him to run for President on this terrific success model.

Update: And, of course, if we didn't ask the poor to pay the highest taxes, how could we give all this money to movie studios

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Clay said...

"not even the Louisiana Legislature was dumb enough to go for that."