Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blue Steel Crucifix

Sal Perricone has published a heavily self-referential crime novel. The title of this novel sounds like it could also be a Night Ranger cover band
Sal Perricone, the former federal prosecutor whose outing as a prolific and pseudonymous online commenter on federal cases set in motion the eventual ouster of his boss, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten, has taken up the pen again, this time as a novelist.

Perricone will be discussing and signing his new book, “Blue Steel Crucifix,” at the Garden District Book Shop at 3 p.m. March 22.
No, this is not some sort of Krewe Du Vieux inspired joke. This is real life.
A summary indicates that the protagonist is a “young Native American law student” named Wilson Three Eagles who is recruited by the FBI. Perricone is a former New Orleans police officer who attended law school at night and then worked for the FBI before becoming a federal prosecutor.

The storyline also ties together organized crime, a corrupt ex-governor and some nasty office politics as the young protagonist finds himself crosswise with some of his new colleagues as well as the mob and the “politically corrupt.”

The book, published by Wynnpix Productions, retails for $14.99. A sequel apparently is in the works.
Fred Heebe has already opened an anoymous Amazon account so that he can write reviews. 

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