Saturday, January 03, 2015


One way to get around the cost of hiring police and meeting the associated salary and pension obligations is to outsource the whole operation.
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has kicked off the new year by renewing his calls to assign more Louisiana State Police troopers to patrol the city.

In a letter to Gov. Bobby Jindal dated Friday (Jan. 2), Landrieu asks for a "sizable contingent" of troopers to support the while it continues to seek recruits to fill its thinned ranks
See the LSP is like Uber but for police protection.  The service is just contracted out and called in on an as-needed basis. Mitch needs some sort of app.

The mayor's request drew a sharp rebuke from the city's police union president, who called Landrieu's letter a "tacit admission of failure."

"It's unrealistic to expect the state to continually use their resources when the city is responsible for itself," said Capt. Michael Glasser with the Police Association of New Orleans. "I'm sure every other city would like state police. They are not entitled to it, and neither are we."

Glasser blamed the Landrieu administration for "standing on the fence watching as the attrition rate destroyed the police department."

"The irony is, a lot of the state troopers he's asking for were wearing NOPD uniforms a year ago," Glasser said. 

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