Thursday, January 08, 2015

Cowboys fans for Vitter

In other breaking news, apparently Barack Obama is running for Governor of Louisiana this year.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is sending out a letter this week asking people to donate to Sen. David Vitter's Louisiana gubernatorial campaign.

"My friend, David Vitter has been one of the most active and vocal Republicans in the U.S. Senate. I know he will continue to be a conservative leader and fight against the Obama agenda of higher taxes, bigger government, and government run healthcare as Governor," writes Christie in the letter sent to frequent political donors in Louisiana and other parts of the country.
Also you might not have heard this one but Bobby Jindal is running for President, apparently.
Neither Christie nor Vitter get along with Gov. Bobby Jindal, which also makes their alliance interesting. Christie is potentially facing Jindal in the 2016 Republican primary for president. Vitter is unlikely to endorse Jindal in the race, but maybe he could get behind Christie? 

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