Saturday, January 31, 2015

Coming soon.. a new Blue Dot, perhaps?

NOPD 2nd District

Been in the works for a while now but NOPD is moving its 2nd District Headquarters to a new building in Gert Town.
The large vacant lot on Broadway Street near Earhart Boulevard in Gert Town that formerly held the Mary Church Terrell Elementary School received tentative approval this week to become the new New Orleans Police Department Second District station and a community pool.

The Second District station on Magazine is more than 110 years old, and has needed emergency repairs and rehabilitations with increasing frequency — often paid for by the COPS II nonprofit or even individual residents, like attorney Morris Bart. It poses logistical challenges as well, as it lacks meeting space to accommodate the district’s officers in a single room, faces the same parking congestion as other Magazine Street properties, and sits at a far corner of the district.
It may be falling apart but the current building is pretty attractive and in a prominent Uptown location.  Wonder what will happen to it. 

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Jane said...

In a neighborhood meeting, Latoya Cantrell said she wanted to sell it to St. George's School, even through one of the other business owners present (Nirvana Indian Restaurant) expressed interest in buying it. The fix is already in, we presume. It's a great building. I'd rather it not crumble any more than it already has.