A Louisiana family made a startling discovery when they lit a flame next to their faucet -- and the water started on fire

The Parker family told Shreveport TV station KSLA they've been having problems with their tap water for the past year, but didn't know it was this serious.

"Especially in the morning, you come in and turn the water on and there is so much air pressure in the lines that is just blows water everywhere, you're soaked," said Sarah Evans, who was visiting her parents from out of town.

The Parkers also claim their 17-year-old daughter, Meaghan, has even passed out while doing the dishes.

The family suspects methane gas from a nearby oil and gas company may be leaking into their private well water.

The company, Anadarko Petroleum, told KSLA they would be doing testing to see if there is a leak.

In the meantime, the company has delivered several cases of water to the Parkers and other families nearby.
If you've seen Josh Fox's Gasland documentaries you're already familiar with this phenomenon.