Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Baton Rouge Civil War

Getting more and more ridiculous by the day.
A Baton Rouge Metro Councilman concerned the proposed city of St. George would result in higher taxes and diminished services, said he will sponsor an ordinance to annex “each and every property owner in the unincorporated area of the parish that requests to become part of the city of Baton Rouge.”

Only those properties directly adjacent to the city of Baton Rouge are eligible for annexation by ordinance of the Metro Council.
One envisions a scenario where the newly created City of St. George slowly erodes away at the edges (just like the Louisiana coastline!) as each property owner abutting Baton Rouge compares tax rates. 

Or maybe someone will notice that the St. George secession campaign is being organized by a for-profit LLC and so is probably an invalid petition already. 

In my mind this raises the specter of a legally disputed secession. What happens then?  Do the BRPD have to arrest the insurrectionists?  Do the wealthier neighborhoods of St. George organize their private security patrols into a makeshift militia?  What chaos ensues then? 

Okay none of that is going to happen.  Everyone knows the traffic makes just driving from one side of Baton Rouge to the other highly impractical, let alone trying to invade. 

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