Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have yourself a congnitively dissonant Christmas

BP, Chevron Accused Of Illegally Dumping Toxic Radioactive Drilling Waste Into Louisiana Water
The Louisiana parish of Plaquemines is taking on a group of oil and gas giants including BP and Chevron for allegedly dumping toxic waste — some of it radioactive — from their drilling operations into its coastal waters, according to a lawsuit removed to federal court on Thursday.

Plaquemines Parish is claiming the companies violated the Louisiana State and Local Coastal Resources Management Act of 1978 by discharging oil field waste directly into the water “without limitation.” Worse, the companies allegedly failed to clear, revegetate, detoxify or restore any of the areas they polluted, as required by state law. The oil and gas companies’ pollution, along with their alleged failure to adequately maintain their oilfields, has caused significant coastal erosion and contaminated groundwater, the lawsuit said.

More massive tar mats from BP oil spill discovered on Louisiana beaches

The heavy ongoing cleanup is emblematic of the problems spill experts say Louisiana can expect due to the rapid erosion of its coastline, especially along the beaches between Grand Isle and Port Fourchon. The rapid shoreline retreat in this area has resulted in a silt-filled backwash in the nearshore shallows. Patches of Deepwater Horizon oil that reached this zone became embedded with sand, shells and mud particles in the water column, creating malleable tar balls, patties and mats, depending on their size.

These are more than mere eyesores. The weathered oil contains toxic hydrocarbon components than can remain a threat to fish, wildlife and human health for 50 years. So even small tar balls must be cleaned up.

Meanwhile, on Saturday we shucked this whole sack of oysters.

Sack uv ersters

I'm about to turn that product into dressing for tomorrow.  Is it a good idea? Who knows? But hey at least we threw millions of dollars at convincing people that it might be

A Legislative Auditor’s report released Monday found a series of questionable financial practices in the operations of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board.

The audit review covered spending related to $30 million BP agreed to provide for a seafood marketing program as part of Gulf recovery efforts after the 2010 oil disaster.

The report covered activity through June 30. As of then, $16.8 million of the BP money had been spent, the auditor said.

The auditor stated bills for media efforts and events promoting Louisiana seafood were paid without proper receipts, and contracts did not get the required approval by the state Office of Contractual Review. Additionally, board members and others received free New Orleans Saints tickets and other promotional items such as autographed Drew Brees T-shirts as part of a $650,000 sponsorship agreement. Adequate records were not kept on who got all the items, auditors said.
In other words, when you dedicate relief funds toward producing bullshit, that money ends up going toward... a bunch of bullshit.  Who could have known?

Anyway, Merry Christmas. Hope Santa doesn't leave any tarballs in your stocking.

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