Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Rob Ryan's worst game

Please see B&G Review's analysis.

Bradley's season-long insistence that effective run defense does not directly correlate to winning NFL football games makes me uncomfortable. This is probably just because of the way they frame up the argument. He's not actually saying, "Just let people steamroll you with their backs all day and everything will be fine," it just kind of feels like that a little at first. 

But he backs this argument up with facts and numbers and things so just keep an open mind. Still, I'd like to see how the same analysis applies in the playoffs and "Outdoors In The Elements When It Counts" or whatever the cliche is since that probably will matter later.

For what it's worth, I don't understand why pro teams don't defend the read option by just giving the quarterback as many carries as he wants. You'd think with everyone bellyaching about how infrequently they're allowed to hit the QB anymore this would be a thing.  The Saints decided they didn't want to be Marshawned again, though.  Congratulations on that. 

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