Sunday, December 08, 2013

Jackie 2014 is happening!

I've been hammering away at another post on the municipal elections qualifying I had tentatively titled "Borrr-ing!"  I'll finish that up later but I had to jump in and stop the presses on that for now because,
Two-term at-large New Orleans Councilmember Jackie Clarkson will announce on Tuesday that she is running for the District C seat being vacated by Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer, who announced last week that she would not seek a second term.

From the moment Palmer announced she would not run again, Clarkson's cell phone lit up with callers urging her to run — including Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Clarkson has been a staunch ally of the mayor for the past four years and often refers to him as "the best mayor I've had the pleasure to serve with." The plan, according to a source close to Clarkson, is for Landrieu to formally endorse her at her announcement on Tuesday, along with a group of civic, business and community leaders.
District C and Sheriff are now the events to watch in the citywide races coming up.  And everything is suddenly less boring than it had been. 

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